This chasm opens up on New years week ONLY. because the monsters inside have new plans this year to rip apart thundaria once again. You must defeat an old enemy, find a priceless artifact, and face time itself. Thundaria is depending on you. This dungeon is for people who have completed the Horror Nebula and have monsters rank 60+

The Gear RoomEdit

You must fight horrux again here, she has resurfaced here as the mistress of time. She will use the same stragety as last time, but she will come up stronger.Edit

Ancient ruinsEdit

Here, you face the ancient warcheif red hawk. He will use bows, spears, and arcane magic to weaken your monters. Buy a lot of booster sheilds at the bazzar, you will need them.Edit

Deep RealmEdit

This is where you fight mayas, the apoclypse serpent. He will try to constrict your monsters with cold, icy body. This could be the final battle of the brawliverse if you lose.Edit