This nebula seems to apear on the day the fall comet eclipses the sun, more specificly Halloween time. Monsters live in this nebula as well, and they are up to no good. You must solve puzzles, fight monsters of unimaginablr might, and defeat the monsterous Jack-O-Death to save the brawliverse and the holiday spirit. This chalenge is open to those with monsters rank 50+ on the week of halloween

Outer darknessEdit

Here, you face the evil Horrox, the mistress on evil. She will try to defeat you by using clones of your own mosters, you will have to outwit yourself in this battle.Edit

Dark pulsarEdit

Here, You are eganged in combat with Dr. Electrine, He will use storms to bring back monsters from the dead, so yoou have to deal with him before his monsters. This could end with you joining him.Edit

Jacks LabrynthEdit

This is where you fight the evil Jack-O-Death himself. he will test you with riddles. answer correctly, and you will gain a chance to attack him, answer wrong, he will attack you. This will determine the fate of the brawliverse.Edit